We do Business

We are a professional group dedicated to connecting Lithuanians living and working in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and greater SF Bay Area. Our goal is to strengthen the professional Bay Area Lithuanian community, to ensure that community members and visitors alike are able to connect with other Bay Area Lithuanians - across industries, companies, and functions - even if those contacts might currently be beyond their immediate contact network.

Most members of the San Francisco Lithuanian community are business professionals working in the technology and finance industry. We organize happy hours, foster business relationships and conduct business. Connect with us. 

Below, please see the options to connect. 

Local Business Networks

There is an active network of business professionals in the bay area.

  • Every other month we meet and network in local Tech Happy Hours. See the news section or our social media page for more information about the upcoming events. 
  • Interested in Baltic startup community? Connect with Baltic Innovation House

If you're not able to make it in person, consider connecting with us virtually. 

Not local? Consider checking out resources from our partner organizations and the nearby business associations. 

Our goal is to be an active member of the Lithuanian diaspora, host networking events locally, partner with Lithuanian governmental and NGOs and other Lithuanian professional clubs around the world with the over-arching mission to contribute to the well-being of Lithuania and it's culture. 

Have questions or ideas? Feel free to email us at info@SFLithuanians.com