Ligita's Cancer Battle


Having one household member dealing with a disabling back injury is already a huge burden on a family. Now imagine that a month into this ordeal, the only other wage earner is diagnosed with cancer. While this situation may seem highly improbable, Raimondas and Ligita today are faced with these exact circumstances.

Ligita is a dear friend, a mother to her fifteen-year-old son, a wife to a wonderful man Raimondas and so much more. She is a member of the American-Lithuanian diaspora living in the Bay Area and an active member in the Venture Christian Church. It was only twenty years ago when the couple won green cards in a lottery and migrated to the United States to achieve the coveted American dream. Like many first-generation immigrants, Ligita and Raimondas moved to America alone and have no extended network of family support. Those that have been fortunate enough to befriend the family know of their hard work and honesty, and have all been blessed by their friendship. They have never hesitated to lend their skills or time to others, and have turned every day into an adventure. Ligita was planning a trip for herself and her son to visit family in her hometown of Biržai, Lithuania, when her world came crashing down.

For those of us who know Ligita, we still grapple with the horrific diagnosis she has recently received from her doctor. She was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic stomach cancer. She is only forty years old. It is the diagnosis that nobody wants to ever hear, at any age.

Ligita is devastated, families across the Atlantic are distraught, and those who know her are in disbelief. Ligita is preparing for a difficult road ahead; rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and possible surgery.

Had this “just” been the back injury of Raimondas or Ligita’s cancer, the family would have been able to persevere and come through for one another as they always have. However, they have now lost all forms of income. They still must pay rent, monthly bills, and everyday expenses while living here in the Bay Area. Ligita and her family need help and support more than ever.

This is where you can help. We are doing this fundraising on behalf of Ligita and her family to help alleviate the financial burden of medical expenses. Please donate to Ligita’s cause for however much you can to help and support Ligita and her family in this time of need. Any donation will help to ensure that this family is taken care of and can focus on Ligita and her medical condition.

Please, do not hesitate to pass this fundraising link and story around through email and all forms of social media. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Thank you so much,

Ligita and Raimondas’ friends

2019 annual Baltic Picnic June 1st!

Let's get ready for the
2019 annual Baltic Picnic!

June 1 (Saturday) /  Birželio 1 (Šeštadienis)


10:30 am - Registration
11:00 am - Food Competition Tasting Begins
CATEGORIES: Sauerkraut, Potato Salad, Desert
12:00 pm - Lunch & Networking
1:00 pm - Raffle Drawing
2:00 pm - Sports & Kid’s activities
SPORTS: Volleyball & Soccer

Show your spirit and wear your national colors!
Dress code: Lithuanian green 

Roast pig, sausages and beer will be provided.
Please bring additional drinks and national dishes to share (either main dishes, salads or deserts).

$10 Online
$15 at the event
Kids under 16 FREE
The park charges $5 per car

Kaunas Marathon 2019!


Dėmesio Bay Area sporto entuziastai! Nuotolinis Kauno Maratonas šiemet ir vėl vyks mūsų apylinkėje!
Citadele Kauno Maratonas 2019 ir lietuvius visame pasaulyje vienijanti visuomeninė nepolitinė organizacija Pasaulio Lietuvių Bendruomenė, kviečia pasaulio lietuvius, jų šeimas bei draugus birželio 9-tą dieną dalyvauti jungtinėje iniciatyvoje – Pasaulio Lietuvių Bėgimas. Šiais metais bėgimas skiriamas Pasaulio lietuvių metams paminėti. 
Birželio 9 dieną, sekmadienį, kviečiame visus dalyvauti Foster City organizuojamame Kauno Maratono nuotoliniame bėgime ir bėgti 5km, 10km, 21km, arba 42km.
Detales ir registracijos info rasite čia:
Attention Bay Area runners! 
Citadele Kauno Maratonas 2019 and Global Lithuanian Community is inviting all Lithuanians, their families and friends to join the initiative - Global Lithuanian Run on June 9th.
This year's event will take a place in Foster City on June 9th with your choice of distance to run 5km, 10km, 21km, or 42km.
You can find more details about the event and registration through the link bellow:

Baltic Picnic 2019 - Save the date!


Kviečiame birželio 1 dieną į kasmetinį Baltijos Pikniką 2019!!! Renginys vyks - 
Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area, El Sobrante, California 94803. Daugiau informacijos – jau greitai. Naujienas, kas vyksta San Francisko lietuvių bendruomenėje, galite rasti paspaudę šias nuorodas:

O tuo tarpu, norime tik priminti, kad turime gražią tradiciją Baltijos Pikniko metu pasidabinti lietuviška atributika. Lietuvaičių spalva - žalia. Jei savo garderobe dar neturite žalios spalvos, ar norėtumėte pasipuošti San Francisko lietuvaičių marškinėliais, užpildykite formą, kuri pateikta žemiau: įveskite savo vardą, pavardę bei marškinėlių dydį iki gegužės 29 d. ir mes juos, renginio dieną, prie registratūros staliuko, perduosime Jums. Marškinėlių kaina - $20, kiekis ribotas.

Iki greito!


We are inviting you to the annual Baltic Picnic 2019!!! The event will take place at Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area, El Sobrante, California 94803
More information about the event will come soon. Follow what is happening in the San Francisco Lithuanian Community through the links bellow:

In the meantime, we just wanted to remind you that we have a lovely tradition for the Baltic Picnic of dressing up in green clothes. If you don’t have anything green, don’t worry, you can get a San Francisco Lithuanian T-Shirt for $20 – Enter your name and shirt size on the form linked below by May 29, and we will bring the shirts to the event for your pickup.

See you soon!

SF “Genys” kviečia į atvirų durų dieną ir mokslo metų pabaigos šventę!


Lituanistinė mokykla “Genys” gegužės 18 d., 10:45 val., kviečia visus, didelius ir mažus, į atvirų durų dieną ir mokslo metų pabaigos šventę.
Vieta: “Genio” mokyklos patalpos 
19806 Wisteria St., Castro Valley.

Registracija 2019/2020 mokslo metams jau artėja į pabaigą.

* Mokyklos adresas: 19806 Wisteria St, Castro Valley

* Mokslo metų trukmė: 2019 m. rugsėjis - 2020 m. gegužė.

* Pamokos vyksta šeštadieniais 9:30 – 13:30 val;

* 4-5 metų vaikams pamokos vyksta šeštadieniais 9:30 – 13:00 val.

* Amžius: Priimame vaikus nuo 4 metų;

* Registracija: Registracija vyksta iki birželio 1 d. Norėdami užsiregistruoti rašykite mokyklos vadovei Neringai Willis email'u

* Daugiau informacijos apie mokyklos veiklą galite rasti

Lituanistinė mokykla GENYS ieško mokytojų, norinčių dirbti mokykloje 2019/2020 mokslo metais kiekvieną arba kas antrą šeštadienį. Jei susidomėjote, prašome rašyti Neringai el. paštu:



Lithuanian school “Genys” is inviting you to attend their open house and the end of the school year celebration on May 18th., at 10:45 am.
19806 Wisteria St., Castro Valley.

The registration for the 2019/2020 school year is nearing the end.

* School Location: 19806 Wisteria St, Castro Valley

* Time: September through May on Saturdays 9.30 am – 1.30 pm.

* 4-5 year old program – Saturdays 9.30 am – 1 pm.

* Age: kids 4 years old and older.

* Registration: Please register before June 1st. by contacting school’s principal Neringa Willis email


Lithuanian school GENYS is looking for teachers for 2019/2020 school year starting this fall to teach classes every or every other Saturday. Please contact Neringa if interested