Lithuanian-American Innovation Award

As a small country, Lithuania will need to retain its strong position as an economy driven by and supporting innovation. To highlight and promote the potential for innovative cooperation between Lithuania and the United States, the American-Lithuanian Business Council (ALBC), and the Baltic American Freedom Foundation (BAFF), and the U.S. Embassy in Vilnius have established the Lithuanian-American Innovation Award. The award will be granted to a Lithuanian individual, organization, university, or firm that has developed a cutting-edge technology or solution in collaboration with a U.S. partner.

With this award we seek to recognize and award innovation broadly across business and commerce, academic and scientific research, medicine and health, the environment, energy, and education. We invite a large pool of candidates to apply and make the case for why their innovation deserves recognition. The core requirements are an impact or clear potential impact of the innovation, and the clear demonstration of collaboration with a U.S. individual or entity.

The award will provide a €10,000 first prize and €5000 second prize to Lithuanian persons, organizations, companies, or institutions who can demonstrate innovative cooperation between Lithuania and the United States. Full eligibility and criteria for the award can be found in the attached application. Or you can check out our webpage at

Deadline for applications: January 18, 2017