Seeking birth mother of Lithuanian descent

What was going through her mind and heart during that summer and fall of 1952?  
A brave young woman traveled far away from family and friends, to a different state, a different climate, a different world, really--making a unique sacrifice to bring a new life onto the planet.
My name is Ann Elizabeth Dryden Compton.
I was that new life...her baby girl.
Times were very different then.  But I must be honest and tell you that even though we never communicated in traditional conversation, we knew one another very well.  Seldom a week goes by that I wonder about her.  And as the recorded birth date nears, the desire to reconnect is overwhelming, as it is each year.
I am beginning a search to find my birth mother, a child herself of Lithuanian descent.
Here are the details that my adoptive parents were told:

I was surrendered and raised in the early part of my life at Saint Vincent’s Children’s Home in New Orleans LA, Fall 1952 (Recorded birth date is September 29.)  

The Sisters of Charity operating the orphanage and home for unwed mothers indicated that my mother was from a Lithuanian family who owned a restaurant in the Midwest.

They also said she was 25 years old-which would place her about 82 years of age.  I recently found a scribbled note in my adoptive parents' belongings (they both passed from complications of Alzheimer's) noting that my birth father was of German descent and an engineer.

Seeking information about and the location of my birth mother is an intensely personal request.  The state adoption records in Louisiana are sealed, and I understand many were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.

I would like to let my birth mother know that her difficult choice landed me with parents she would have enjoyed knowing and trusting.  My life has been colorful and filled with love.  She gave me a wonderful start, and no one in my adoptive family ever forgot that.

She can be proud that her daughter has been raised in the Catholic faith, well educated, successful in a highly competitive field, active in her church, and involved with many community organizations.

I would love to meet her and hope it is not too late.  

Your emails were obtained from the Lithuanian-American Organization web site, and my hope is that you will cross post this message among your members.  I hope I have not offended you in taking this chance.
Should you have any suggestions, ideas or recommendations for me in this search, please feel free to share them. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  
Wishing you blessings,
Ann Elizabeth Compton 417.838.0677