Dear community members,

Despite the bitter divisiveness of our national political dialogue, the San Francisco Lithuanian community has shown a glimpse of hope and unity working together toward common goals. 

Starting with Cepelinu Balius and culminating at our annual Fall Ball, we have exceeded our Fundraiser goal of raising $10,000 for San Francisco Lithuanian community. One half of all the donations will go to support the amazing work being done at Saturday Lithuanian School "Genys". The rest will benefit the events for our community. 

Special thanks to the many community members who supported or led these efforts including our community's leadership, Cepelinu Balius chefs, Saturday School teachers, Fall Ball organizing committee Marija Steibliene and Laura Dunn and the largest donors Nerija and Jason Titus, Donatas Januta, Rita & Keith Rosicker, Jurate Raulinaitis & Kirk Schneider, Aida Sakalauskaitė ir Vytautas Staraitis, Virgilija  & Martin Tali and many others. This couldn't happen without YOU! You can find the list of all donors here.

For these collective efforts, San Francisco Lithuanian Community stands as a beacon to this nation, showing how community can thrive, how people can collaborate, and how we can move forward together. 

We may have disagreements over the coming years, but where we have a common purpose, we have to stay strong. Since the new U.S. leadership has expressed doubts over automatically defending NATO allies in the Baltics if they came under Russian attack, it's especially important for the Lithuanian community to stay united. The role of our community has never been more important.

Never doubt- We are stronger together. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Tomas Janusas