2018 Baltic Picnic Video

Thank you to everyone who made the 2018 Baltic picnic such a success! It would not have been possible without support from all of our three communities, the Lithuanians, Latvians, and Estonians. We hope you all had a great time. 

You might have noticed us filming and taking photos during the event. We wanted to capture and share our celebration in honor of this year's special centennial anniversary. And now, you can all see the results in the link below! 



We hope it was worth the wait. Please share this with your friends and family, so they can see just how much fun being a part of the Bay Area Baltic community can be!


We also want to give an extra special thank you for their hard work: 

our photographer Jurgita Mažeika -- www.jurgitaphotography.net

our videographer and editor Michael Shaw -- www.michaelashaw.com

our event planners: Mai-Liis Bartling, Linnea Bartling, Tõnu Viitas, Una Veilande, Andris Hincenbergs, Mārtiņš Andersons, Eduard Nuciuliak, Simas Rudys, Jolanta Norbutaitė, Julius Narkus. 

our organizers and producers: Jess Turnbull & Birutė Gedrimaitė

and the visiting violonists Võlukeeled - Magic Strings -- facebook.com/VolukeeledMagicStrings


We hope to see you at future community events! Your friends,

The SF & Bay Area Lithuanians


The Northern California Latvian Association


Eesti by the Bay