You're Invited 🎉 Fall Ball 2018!


If you’ve been around the Bay Area for a while you know - the summer is not over unless you hear the announcement about the upcoming Fall Ball!

The biggest community event connecting generations and gathering almost all Bay Area Lithuanians and their friends is coming back to San Francisco this October 27 (Saturday). The gents will be dusting off their old suites, the ladies will be showing off their stunning dresses, parents will be picking up their kids from Saturday School “Genys”, while the tech bros will swap their hoodies into something less embarrassing for the biggest annual celebration of our community. And boy we have wonderful people to celebrate.

The Entertainment

This year we’re doing something special. We’re creating an entertainment for you while also trying to support Lithuanian artists’ efforts to spread their wings abroad. Literally. We’re flying over a young and hot Lithuanian band THE ROOP to the Bay Area! Never heard of them yet? No problem! According to their official page, “listeners never remain indifferent and bravely get immersed in the musical storytelling of the band, while their live shows are characterized as lively, honest and having strong relationship with the audience.” Vaidotas (also a radio and TV host in Lithuania) and Vainius

The Fundraiser

This year, we are working to provide more accessible events to the Lithuanian community. We started this specific effort in 2018, and are preparing to take it further next year. While most of our traditional events charge fees to cover all the costs, we would like to add several events in 2019 that are free, or very low cost to attendees. To make that happen, we need your help. Your donation would be greatly appreciated and will be used to build a stronger Lithuanian community in the Bay Area. You can donate online during the purchase of your Fall Ball ticket.

So let’s come together on Saturday evening, October 27, ir padūkim taip kad kojas skaudėtų poto!

P.S. Ticket prices increase on October 15.