San Francisco Lithuanian American Community's Fundraising Strategy 2016

The San Francisco Lithuanian chapter has been active since 1950. Generations later we stayed true to our mission to connect the Bay Area’s Lithuanians, preserve our precious language and unique heritage.

As you know, San Francisco Lithuanian Chapter is a community funded, volunteer driven, non-profit organization.

Our annual budget runs around $20,000, which includes community events, sponsoring Saturday School, supporting our parent organization American Lithuanians and contributing to various Lithuanian causes.

We would like to do more. We constantly hear requests for more events. We have increasing costs such as Saturday School rent which we would like to help cover.

In order to fulfill these goals, we are getting more organized and are plan to do things differently this year. Here is our plan: 

Together with Saturday School Genys, we set out an ambitious goal to raise $10,000 during the month of October, 2016. Here is how we are going to do it: 

  • We will have a fundraising event throughout October (No more nario mokestis, etc).
  • Half of the funds will go directly to support Saturday School Genys.
  • No markup will be added to any event tickets.

To our knowledge there are around 400 active members in our community. If everyone contributed on average of $25, we would be done today but we know not everybody can. Pick the option that suits you.

CEPELINU BALIUS | September 25th | Get tickets

To kick things of, we’d like to invite you to the Fundraiser Kickoff event Cepelinu Balius on September 25th, where we will be glad to meet you, discuss our future and take your feedback.

p.s. All donations are tax deductible (Federal Tax #36-3625439).